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Pipe Corrosion

Corroded pipe in a Mukilteo home

Did you know something as simple as an old water heater can rust pipes from the inside out?

Watch the video below to learn more. Water heaters have an anode tube to prevent corrosion, but if it fails or rusts away those contaminants are going into your pipes. Depending on your water quality, water pressure, and other factors, plumbing can age faster than typical estimates.

Contact between dissimilar metals is also a common problem. For example, copper pipes should be supported with approved hangers (often copper themselves, or plastic, or rubber coated). Pipe connections between dissimilar metals should include a Dialectric union or fitting to prevent corrosion where they meet. This little part can prevent serious leaks and plumbing headaches.

Corrosion between Copper and Galvanized Pipes missing a dialectric union (fitting)
Corrosion between Copper and Galvanized pipes missing a Dialectric union (fitting)

This lovely home in Snoqualmie, WA was sadly missing important plumbing connections and hangers causing corrosion.

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