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Home Maintenance Resources

A lot of people don't realize you should hire a home inspector every few years to do a checkup on your home(s). This can save you time, money, and serious headaches in the long term. But one secret is that several areas of your home need maintenance and don't need experts to keep functioning properly. Below are several resources I use personally, and that I also recommend to many clients.

Have you checked your furnace filters? Are you gutters cleaned out of debris? These two items are often Defective findings on my inspections. Taking care of them now, and every 3 months can prevent serious problems for your home like water damage, roof leaks, carbon monoxide pollution, and poor air quality.

There are many great Home Maintenance Manuals for an overview of these tasks. Ask Don't Panic Inspections for copies.

An energy audit is a great idea to keep your home efficient. That means using less electricity, gas, and water in the long term. Something as simple as adding insulation around pipes can make a huge difference. Both because this can prevent freezing and bursting accidents, and it decreases heat loss as water moves from the water heater to your furthest away showers and faucets. Upgrading old appliances is another great idea and here's a huge tip: Many Utility Companies will give you money to do it!

The PUD has a great resource guide for energy audits:

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