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Fixing Inspection Items During a Sale

Updated: May 28, 2020

The other day, one my client's had a lot of questions about what to do after my inspection turned up some marginal and defective items.

"The seller doesn't want to fix them," the client said to me.

Not to worry. Remember: Don't Panic. The video below is a little overview of what to do. Fixing items yourself, or by a professional you hire is the best guarantee of all.

A home inspection should be one of the most unbiased parts of a real estate sale. It should be a clear overview of the whole condition of the home at the time of inspection--by someone who is not profiting from the sale. It does not assess value of the property or prices to fix problems though. Calling around and getting a lot of advise is important. Multiple evaluations by licensed electricians, plumbers, or contractors can give you a better picture of what should be done. Plus, when specialists confirm or warranty certain systems, it provides important peace of mind for your future.

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