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Example Inspection Report

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Download an example inspection report here. Reports by Don't Panic Inspections always look just as thorough and neat as this one, if not better!

Example Home Inspection Report
Download PDF • 9.36MB

Important notes:

1. Often our reports ALSO include summaries of Defective and Marginal items to make it easier to find exactly what issues need attention - these are located at the end.

2. Some sections aren't in all reports. For example, there won't be a section on Air Conditioning if there isn't one. The same with crawlspaces, outbuildings, garages, etcetera.

I remember the first home inspection report I ever saw. I paid for it, received it a week later, and it was all text. No pictures, no explanations, no recommended resources, hard to navigate. Yikes. It was a disaster. But I had nothing to compare it to. Only later on did I see a better report from someone else. I had no idea how bad that first report actually was! Unfortunately, a lot of home inspection reports out there can be rushed, confusing, poorly laid out, and the list goes on. Needless to say, I do things as best I can and I keep improving the information and layouts as things change in the industry.

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