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Home Inspection

A typical Home Inspection with Don't Panic Inspections can be done at any time.

Common times include:

  • A Pre-Listing Inspection, which provides essential information you should be aware of before putting your home on the market. This can be made available to potential buyers.

  • A Pre-Offer Inspection, which is performed prior to making an offer to buy. This allows you to waive the typical inspection contingency and can make your offer the most attractive to the seller.

  • A Contingency or Pending Inspection, which takes place before closing. Most inspections prove there are problems that should be solved. This can lower the offer price or get them fixed right away. 

  • A Home Warranty Inspection, which is done before a warranty ends. This might be the last chance to resolve problems while still under warranty.

A Preinspection Agreement is mandatory in Washington state. It must be signed before the inspection. To make it as easy as possible, we send you an email that requests your digital signature of the agreement. You should read it completely, ask any questions you have, and retain a copy for your records. The agreement clarifies and explains everything you should know about an inspection before it happens.

The following are inspected when safe and readily accessible:

  • Interior Structure (Basement, Attic, Crawlspace, their Condition and Components)

  • Roof (Coverings, Gutters, Flashing, Vents)

  • Exterior (Cladding/Siding, Windows, Doors, Porches, Decks, Steps, Balconies, Eaves)

  • Electrical System (Service Type, Panel, Circuit Breakers/Fuses, Outlets, Grounding)

  • Plumbing System (Visible Water Lines, Waste Lines, Faucets, Toilets, Hot Water Heater)

  • Heating System (Fuel Source, Units & Types, Ducts, Controls, Flues, Operation)

  • Cooling System (A/C, Fuel Source, Units & Types, Ducts, Controls, Operation)

  • Interior (Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Windows, Doors, Stairs, Vents, Cabinets, Counter-tops, Smoke & CO Detectors)

  • Fireplaces & Stoves (Types, Fuel Source, their Condition and Components)

  • Attached Garages (Garage Doors, Openers, Structure, Fire hazards)

  • Insulation & Ventilation (visible in Unfinished Areas ~ Attics, Basements, Crawlspaces) 

*There are strict Washington Laws about Home Inspection that you should know about. They are available at the DOL Website.

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